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  • Instant Waiting

    It was a fun day at the beach. Perfect weather and awesome company. Sun’s up, not too hot. The air is salty, just right for your tan lines. Food is great. Your ideal daytrip beach get away.     But you know how much time it took us to get there? Almost 3 hours drive. […]

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  • Remember that one Christmas day. . .


    It was nice spending Christmas time with your family, I mean, who doesn’t like parties and mini reunions with your cousins which you like to meet every holiday over dinner and you don’t like to stay overnight. The gift giving and food that we can only eat once a year. (I wish puto bumbong is […]

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  • Paint the Sky


    Since I was little boy, I always dream of going to the US maybe because I had a glimpse of it in movies and I have relatives there who I look up to. As years pass by, it became more clear to me that it’s not going to happen. Well, judging by the looks of […]

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  • Hey Hey Hey HK!

      It’s our first Valentines as husband and wife so we decided to have a quick trip to Hong Kong. I had fun coz its only a two-hour flight and its only for 3 days. We managed to maximize our time and squeezed short meet ups with friends and church-mates in between.   Check out […]

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  • 10th Philippine Barista Cup


    I had the pleasure to host again one of the prestigious Barista competitions in the Philippines, in World Trade Center. This event has been here for a decade now, it is safe to say that they are responsible in our now growing coffee community in our country.   The Barista Cup’s objective is to promote the […]