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  • On bended knee


    It was one fine cloudy Sunday morning. On a foreign land where chicken rice is always available and singlish is the first language. It’s my 9th time visiting this country close to my heart. But this time it’s really different. I have to wake up early and prepare for something big that’s gonna happen in the […]

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  • She called it off


    She called it off.   Finally her heart listened to her mind that it’s time to move on. I think she had enough . I think she can’t make it anymore. I saw her sleepless nights and her anxiety and pain. I always thought she would be fine. She fought for it, she fought hard […]

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  • Can you keep a Secret?


    Sometimes in a very random situation you’ll get that random moment that as if someone is talking to you and you cant ignore to listen. It happened to me last week when I was in Cebu. I was enjoying my break from work while me and my college barkada went Suruy Suruy (wandering) around the […]

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  • $ho₱₱ing!


    “When you purchase something, it becomes yours.”   That is the motto nowadays! HAHA. Especially when all our Bonuses came out two weeks ago. Or when you received the money given to us by our Parents and Ninongs and Ninangs. Shopping became an official support since (every) December. This never ending sale is so tempting, […]

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  • “My Belkin Wishlist”.

    “tis the season to be jolly…Fa la la la..” As we celebrate the holiday season and dive into a lot of parties and reunions. One must not forget that without your perfect gadgets  all of those celebrations will be easy to forge! So if I were you, check out these fantabulous gadgets I highly covet […]