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  • Lily of The Valleys

    Lilies of the valley

    Children are heritage from the Lord.   We are all delighted when we found out about our preganancy last April. I announced it last April as an April Fool’s Announcement (nagkataon lang). It was really a shocker to me when we found out that we are pregnant. Stunned and surprised actually! Obviously, it came earlier […]

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  • $ho₱₱ing!


    “When you purchase something, it becomes yours.”   That is the motto nowadays! HAHA. Especially when all our Bonuses came out two weeks ago. Or when you received the money given to us by our Parents and Ninongs and Ninangs. Shopping became an official support since (every) December. This never ending sale is so tempting, […]

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  • Mr Perfect


    From time to time I have the privileged to meet Mr. perfect. You know the guy who has blue eyes and rides a red Vespa. The guy who looks like the movie star every girl wanted, the one who has an IQ like Einstein. C’mon! we all know him, the guy who plays Christiano Ronaldo […]

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  • (Not) PERFECT TEN!


    After the busy work-week, family activities and personal matters, caught myself having an alone time in the airport. Not to mention the heavy traffic enroute to airport. Finally I can have my me time. Was contemplating how time flies and feeling grateful that I can slow things down and look back on the good and […]

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  • NOW!


    Its the time of the year again where our church gather in 15 different locations and celebrate God’s goodness in our church, No this is not our Anniversary. But its as special as our anniversary. It is our Discipleship 2015 dubbed as “NOW!”     Here are the highlights of the event in one of […]