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  • Paint the Sky


    Since I was little boy, I always dream of going to the US maybe because I had a glimpse of it in movies and I have relatives there who I look up to. As years pass by, it became more clear to me that it’s not going to happen. Well, judging by the looks of […]

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  • On bended knee


    It was one fine cloudy Sunday morning. On a foreign land where chicken rice is always available and singlish is the first language. It’s my 9th time visiting this country close to my heart. But this time it’s really different. I have to wake up early and prepare for something big that’s gonna happen in the […]

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  • I hosts events but…


    Before you think this is a shameless plug, well, this is no—hmm yes and no. I kinda not “market” myself that I host events aside form this post, that i hope will be the last. I host events but… – I don’t just host anyone’s wedding or any event , gets? even if they can pay […]

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  • Tomorrow


    So exactly one week ago I hosted one of my friend’s wedding, Val. We are so happy witnessing a big event in his life and Cha. The wedding is so beautiful, weather was perfect and the bride is so pretty that day, erm the groom? Of course! Tall and talented (ha-ha) and handsome! The man […]