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  • Paint the Sky


    Since I was little boy, I always dream of going to the US maybe because I had a glimpse of it in movies and I have relatives there who I look up to. As years pass by, it became more clear to me that it’s not going to happen. Well, judging by the looks of […]

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  • Leave Me Alone Pt. 2


    This is Leave Me Alone Part 2.   Last Monday we discussed about Isolation and the reasons why we are doing it. (Leave Me Alone Part 1)   We are now going to discuss how to reach out to someone who is Isolating himself/herself. Here are the best practices, I experienced firsthand, because of my leaders. They […]

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  • NOW!


    Its the time of the year again where our church gather in 15 different locations and celebrate God’s goodness in our church, No this is not our Anniversary. But its as special as our anniversary. It is our Discipleship 2015 dubbed as “NOW!”     Here are the highlights of the event in one of […]

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  • Act Like A Man Summit


    Last Saturday I had a privilege to host (accidentally) The first ever Act Like a Man Summit. This Summit is a gathering of Men from church, but some are first timers.   ‘Though this is the First Summit, this is not the first time we are doing this kind of meeting. quarterly we have a […]

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  • Lahat Pwede!


    Do you ever feel like you’re in a cross roads of cross roads? Like everything is like a traffic jammed? You don’t know where to? and how to? I there are a lot of roads that you can take and a lot of journey to choose from. Nothing is bad, all is good, you just […]

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  • I don’t think so


    Let me give you a little background about myself, Please take this by heart because this is not easy to write ok?. I am bearing my heart here (drama).   Anyway, the environment that I grew up with has a lot of negativity. A lot of people who will knock you down and pull you […]

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  • Ignore this Poem


    Its been rainin its been rainin My mind just keeps on sayin Do u miss me? do u miss me? You don’t have to answer just ignore me   With this weather i could never Ever think of something better Do you ever even remember All the time we spent together     A blink of […]