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  • Dapitan Finds :Christmas Decors!

    Ive been hearing a lot of good stuff about Dapitan. I got so curious because of the buzz that its creating. I personally dont want to go on a very crowded place especially when shopping. But for some reason I got excited one Saturday afternoon to go there and indulge myself.   Prolly I got […]

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  • Abound , Abound kayo jan!


      a·bound əˈbound/ verb exist in large numbers or amounts. “rumors of a further scandal abound” synonyms: be plentiful, be abundant, be numerous, proliferate, superabound, be thick on the ground; More   I’m finding it hard to absorb this word at first when I look it up in the internet. ABOUND is kinda big word, […]

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  • Wednesday Rush!


    It’s that early morning mind-boggling thought, “Will they be attending?” . “How will be the delivery this time?”. “Who will come?” “What to say?”  What to….How?.. Who..   How will you keep it exciting and light yet deliver it with a punch? What if I can’t answer the right question this time? arrggg.   That […]