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  • BLOG update

    Hi guys! Prolly you noticed my slight absence in my writing world. I’m sorry, for many reasons. One, Trina happened and then second Baby happened. Not blaming them its the best thing happened to me (so far).   But hey it’s OK! I’m preparing something for you guys. It is going to be exciting time […]

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  • Paint the Sky


    Since I was little boy, I always dream of going to the US maybe because I had a glimpse of it in movies and I have relatives there who I look up to. As years pass by, it became more clear to me that it’s not going to happen. Well, judging by the looks of […]

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  • Hey Hey Hey HK!

      It’s our first Valentines as husband and wife so we decided to have a quick trip to Hong Kong. I had fun coz its only a two-hour flight and its only for 3 days. We managed to maximize our time and squeezed short meet ups with friends and church-mates in between.   Check out […]

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  • $ho₱₱ing!


    “When you purchase something, it becomes yours.”   That is the motto nowadays! HAHA. Especially when all our Bonuses came out two weeks ago. Or when you received the money given to us by our Parents and Ninongs and Ninangs. Shopping became an official support since (every) December. This never ending sale is so tempting, […]

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  • Run Across the Philippines


    Ok I have this dream, a dream to run 50 kilometers everyday on my 50th birthday. I have this dream that I will be running the whole Philippines on my 50th birthday in 50 days. A dream that one day while running 50 kilometers a day I can support and send less fortunate kids to […]