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  • #ColorManilaGoesToCebu

    April 6, 2014, SRP, Cebu City- We painted the City with a lot of colors!! This is the first ever Color Manila Regional Leg. We are so happy we did it in the Queen City , CEBU! As expected Cebu runners gave us a warm welcome , actually overwhelming welcome. We are only expecting 1500 […]

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  • Color Manila run 2

    This is indeed the best way to kick off your year!! Being fit and joining the most colorful run to hit the metro!! Color Manila run once again painted the streets of BGC Taguig last Sunday , January 5!               With Philippine Volcano’s team Captain Chris Everingham   The […]

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    Remember when we’re little kids , when we used to watch cartoons that is not yet Tagalized. I remember tons of cartoons, that half of them i dont understand, im just amazed and enterntained with the graphics thats somehow helped me understand what’s happening in the story. Popeye, woody wood pecker, voltron, flying house and […]

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  • Victory San Fernando!

    Hello guys, been very busy for the last two weeks, this is what had happened for th couple of weeks that im away from this website of mine.   I had a privileged of hosting 2 events that I enjoyed mostly!   First, Victory San Fernando’s 1st year Anniversary. It was an honor celebrating with […]

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  • Ignite 2013- A quick glance

    Itโ€™s this once in every other year experience, where students all over the Philippines (and Asian Countries) gather together for a 3-day Conference to be Ignited! From 2011โ€™s conference population of 7000 students, it blew up into 9600 students, and unfortunately there are still we cannot accommodate due to the maximum capacity of the venue […]

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  • Tomorrow

    So exactly one week ago I hosted one of my friendโ€™s wedding, Val. We are so happy witnessing a big event in his life and Cha. The wedding is so beautiful, weather was perfect and the bride is so pretty that day, erm the groom? Of course! Tall and talented (ha-ha) and handsome! The man […]