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  • Paint the Sky


    Since I was little boy, I always dream of going to the US maybe because I had a glimpse of it in movies and I have relatives there who I look up to. As years pass by, it became more clear to me that it’s not going to happen. Well, judging by the looks of […]

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  • Hey Hey Hey HK!

      It’s our first Valentines as husband and wife so we decided to have a quick trip to Hong Kong. I had fun coz its only a two-hour flight and its only for 3 days. We managed to maximize our time and squeezed short meet ups with friends and church-mates in between.   Check out […]

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  • 10th Philippine Barista Cup


    I had the pleasure to host again one of the prestigious Barista competitions in the Philippines, in World Trade Center. This event has been here for a decade now, it is safe to say that they are┬áresponsible in our now growing coffee community in our country.   The Barista Cup’s objective is to promote the […]