Young Living Essential Oils–Product Review

First blog of the year.

Happy new year! We are starting the year with a product review!


Last Chritmas we decided to buy this latest craze in the internet; Essential Oils. Me and my wife discussed it and bulaga we bought it and it became my Christmas gift for her.

I was so impressed that they ship directly from US to the Philippines and it does not take a long time for them to deliver, so kudos to that!



Hands down with the packaging and everything you need to now about the product.


Its’ well thought of. Its been a week since we’ve been using it and I dont see anysignificant effect on me. But with my wife and the baby its really effective!


Our infant sleeps longer and she sleeps through the night. My wife is always in a good modd and thank god for that 😀

You just have read all the instructions in the label since we’re fairly new with this kind of oils. I like that they sent a magazine educating us average people that it can also be used for your ingridients. Yup! baking cooking etc.

Just be really careful with the mix and match of the oils. Some are not suitable for infants and breasfeeding moms. But over all the oils smeel good and not usual smell it captures the real deal.

Plus, its my first time to smell the smell of frankincense :))). I thought its just an ancient smell.


There you I’m giving them 4/5 for this product. its good but uts yet to prove itself to me.

Click the link below for my Vlog for Young Living Essential oil review



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