What Fatherhood Taught Me

There’s nothing much I learned from the past 11 weeks of becoming a Dad to Lily. Aside from the changing diapers, the burping , carrying tricks, the “shhhhh” technique to help the baby go to sleep, how to give the baby a bath and how to decode the “uhaa”, “eheee” “wehhh” type of cries and give the right solution.


Amongst those important stuff. These are my major take home:


Compassion for the youngster and the not so young.

It widen my perspective that these kids need guidance, comfort and a real relationship.

They are pa-cool and rebel at some extent. And I must admit, kainis ng mga pabebe na youth. but have to remind myself , that’s why youre there to disciple them and pray for them.

Even the not so young people that are not considerate in elavators and public places where obviously you have to prioritize the folks with infant. I LOVE YOU guys! you make me more like Christ-like haha 🙂 I can say that I am more understanding with them right now. (huuuusssssaaaah)

Juts like my Lily girl, she needs to be fed , clean up, hugs, kisses etc.–I learned compassion even sometimes its so hard.

Compassion>pabebe people


“Sana lahat ng masasamang tao magkaroon ng anak.Para maintindihan nila kung pano and gaano kahirap yung may isa kang tao na binubuhay”

Well, God granted that prayer 11 weeks ago when He gave me a beautiful daughter. 🙂


You just give and give.

I had a whole lot of appreciation to my parents to trina’s parents and to God’s love.

It juts give and give and not expecting something in return. I can imagine God when He created mankind, He knows that he will be hurt and He made us anyway. We cant add anything to His masterpiece instead we often times destroy but He willingly gives us what we need and want. What a loving father He is.

I always bear this in mind whenever Lily cries in wee hours of the day. Give and give and give. You’re so cute you little monster.


‘If the bone aint showing, you gotta keep going” (Nabasa ko lang to sa, UltraMarathon Mantra yata”

IMG_9260 2


This has been a lesson for me that I think it will take a lifetime to learn or master.

Its just this time I know that the stake is more high and the window to amke mistake is more narrow.

I think its Gods way of maturing us, first time Dads that you can no longer spend more time with  your TV series, your newly set up console, hang out with tha hommies, your afternoon nap. And its totally OK. What really helped me before trina gave birth is to really program myself that I will PAUSE and really embrace my season. You’re not missing out. It’s OK.

Eh ano ngayon kung Dad Bod ka na, pwede naman bawien after ng sleepless nights 🙂


Sabe nga sa Ecclesiastes 3:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens.

We are just beginning, Im sure there are a lot of things I will share to you in the coming weeks! 🙂

Pray for us first time parents!




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