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IMG_3045I am not a foodie myself. I eat whatever’s on the table.

But if I have a choice I will choose, Japanese, Vietnamese and Greek cuisine, in that order.

Glad I had a chance to swing by one of the first (if not the first) grab and go Vietnamese snack store.

Bahn Nam Store Number 2 opened last Sunday.

This is the closest thing I’ve tasted since the last time I ate this authentic  Bánh mì. I’ve been waiting for something like this in MNL.

I think it’s a major breakthrough coz I noticed that if you want to eat Vietnamese food, you have to sit down and eat inside a fancy resto. Bahn Nam is fit for our everyday need,  especially us millennial. Who are always on the go and who wants everything in an instant.


They can make your Chibog fast and mind you its super  tasty! Tried every variants they have. My personal favorite is the chicken Bánh mì, although the others are not far from my expected authentic Banh Mi.



Bahn Nam also offers Iced coffee and Tea with popping bobba. 🙂



They never fail to meet my expectation in terms of taste and presentation, knowing that Vietnamese food is known for contradicting flavors, sweet-spicy, sour-salty, sweet-salty etc.




You can visit their store located at ATC Atrium and South Mall. Watch out for 3 more stores this year and 15 next year!



Or Like their FB Page here





P.S. I’m liking the South na!

For many reasons.


  1. The roads are clean and wide. easy to drive
  2. Less traffic. Less hassle. Quality life is more possible there.
  3. Im not sure about this but it’s always windy in the south, especially in ATC area:))


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