So exactly one week ago I hosted one of my friend’s wedding, Val. We are so happy witnessing a big event in his life and Cha. The wedding is so beautiful, weather was perfect and the bride is so pretty that day, erm the groom? Of course! Tall and talented (ha-ha) and handsome! The man of the hour. But before this lucky guy became the man of the hour and the handsome-est guy that afternoon. There’s a lot of waiting happened in his hotel lobby , hours of waiting , the bestman , Jane and I found him waiting in the hotel lobby with the photographer  , since we arrived there  way too early we accompanied him and join him for hours of , well , waiting. The bestman did his duties assisting with the groom’s pictorial, buying stuff for him and Jane did his make-up, me I had a brilliant Idea! 😀 Since I noticed that the four of us there are all bloggers, I thought of asking them of something and give their opinions, a handful of topics were raised, Sex, Money, relationship… but I said it’s all cliché… let’s talk about tomorrow.. So here are our thoughts:


We made 2 rounds for our category, 1st round:


Val: Rest, unknown, planning

Bestman: Sunday, Family time, Ministry, Church

Jane: New, to be found, learning

Jek: Future, hope


Well not bad for round 1, I asked them we will have our final round so give it their best shot and did some pep talk to really speak what’s inside their hearts: D


Here we go: (Final round)


Val: Honeymoon, Sabbath, Magical, Fireworks

Bestman: Explore, experience, sociable

Jane: Undefined, exciting

Jek: it is a place, and it’s waiting for you.


Whoa! they have brilliant minds, considering we did this for like 5 minutes , we are thinking on our feet and absolute bored because of the long hours of waiting!

All of our comments made sense for me, it is something to explore, undefined, Sabbath, Magical, something to look forward to, is waiting for you and sometimes it is a place, where there is restoration, healing and new hope etc… we have our own definition of your tomorrow , depends on which season you’re in, but one thing is definite for tomorrow it will come make sure that you are ready for that new hope , new start and promises to be fulfilled.


So who’s excited for tomorrow?





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