Secrets to a long lasting relationship with your loved one


With all the hustle and bustle that city living can offer we are all struggling with how we make not only time for our loved ones but QUALITY TIME.

I say its hard but its not impossible. Its like working out, you have to fight for it even if you’re busy the next day, You have to wake up early and just dot it.

Or if you want to make sure you catch the Sunrise you cannot wake up at 11AM and expect the sun just rising.

You have to just carve out time.

Ive been married for 10 months now. As the man and the leader of the house, I always make it a point that I make our scheduled date nights more fresh and something we want to look forward to.

Either we go to somewhere new, or a simple walk in the park can be really enjoyable.

Long talks and long walks in your favorite mall or long romantic walk going to the ref. I always make sure we have a DATE NIGHT. A non-negotiable day or night that we set for ourselves. An uninterrupted moment for me and my wife. Where we can talk about our plans, future, our hopes , our dreams say a prayer to the people we know, read a book and food trip.

I can list more things for make the relationship longer and stronger. But this one is on top of my head.

Especially right now we are expecting a baby, time (and money) is of the essence so we want to make sure that we only use products we can trust. Just like Del Forever Joy and Love that is 15x longer lasting bangoooo and freshness than other detergents. By the way, its not only good for Mom-to-be but also for the baby!!

Here are some of our pictures making memories and spending quality time.




This is just a simple date Night. I asked her to go out after a long day. Its a treat for the both of us 🙂



IMG_7163We spent an overnight in a BnB to have quality time with each other and have our Baby Moon.


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