Remember that one Christmas day. . .

It was nice spending Christmas time with your family, I mean, who doesn’t like parties and mini reunions with your cousins which you like to meet every holiday over dinner and you don’t like to stay overnight.

The gift giving and food that we can only eat once a year. (I wish puto bumbong is all year round). The movie marathon and binge watching on a fave series.

For me and my wife its something that we look forward to. Christmas morning. I believe its the memories we make that made our Christmas morning worth remembering.

Well, Christmas 2016, is a memory to beat! Not only its our Honeymoon-Christmas, but also it’s our first time to spend it away from our hometown–we spent our Christmas in SFO, California!

I remember we left for Manila to San Francisco December 24 22:00 PST, we arrived 18:00 WST December 24. We have two Christmas Eves and two Christmases! Hehe

And straight from the airport, we stayed in a very excellent Motel near the airport. I was so giddy to be spending Christmas time with my wife and to be in the US for the first time.

I asked her ” What’s your best Christmas memory?”. She took her time before answering. And then she said It’s pure of spending time with family and the most memorable one is in Baguio where we rode a horse and ate a lot.

“How about you?”.. Mine is a bittersweet memory its kinda inconsistent. We were sometimes hanging by a thread if we are celebrating Christmas or not, If we have food to eat that year or just let it pass. You’ll see your playmates sporting their new shoes and gadgets and you’re just there watching and kinda wishing hmm “I wish I wish”. Those days are over and I don’t want to forget that.

Those memories are very precious to me. It made me appreciate more of small celebrations and big ones. Like we had last December. I always look forward for Christmas mornings. It gives hope and you want to reach out to family members so they too can experience our joy of having Christ in their Christmases.

Christmas is so BIG for me that I made sure to get married before December 25. We kinda thought of doing it in January 2017 but I said I don’t want to let the Christmas season pass and not celebrate it because at the back of our minds we are more concern and excited about the wedding. 🙂

Christmas Eve in SFO. Cheers!
Can you spot my bike? BRRR. Chilly weather on top of the bridge while biking.
On our way to Napa Valley
Hey pretty Lady in Lomabard

IMG_3010 IMG_3157



I just want to encourage you to cherish every memory Christmas or not 🙂





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