Not Your Love Story


Many would say our love story is a quick progression of events. These people would be right, of course, but if I were to describe it, I would say it’s a gentle harmony of individuals.

Jek and I met in a leadership class in church where as leaders each of us led a group of men and women and helped them in their walk of faith. To be honest, it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Jek because he has been a familiar face in church events. At one point in September we became seat mates, got introduced to each other, and got connected through a singles community.

As our conversations became more frequent, he invited me to hang out over coffee (despite the fact that he only likes to drink tea) but I turned him down several times until eventually I said yes. I enjoyed our first hangout which was followed by another then another which were mostly filled with stories and a lot of laughter. We were getting to know one another and were in the process of becoming good friends.

In December, I had a long trip and wouldn’t have much time to hang out but Jek was insistent to meet up. I finally agreed for a quick lunch with him before my bus ride to Sagada. It was then he asked me if he can pursue me. I was surprised and told him that I’ll think and pray about it (which I have already been doing in the course of our getting-to-know-each-other). That same night I said yes and it officially became dating instead of hanging out. What I appreciated about Jek during this time was he gave me clarity on his intentions. He didn’t leave me questioning where our hanging out was going.

When we were hanging out, we mostly talked about our backgrounds, our likes and dislikes, and what we were doing at the present time. When we were already dating, we became more open to one another and talked about our dreams and passions and vision for ourselves. We found out things about each other that were the same and things that were different. For one, it became clear that he’s an extrovert and I am not. He introduced me to his friends and I the same, as well as to my family. During this time, we were accountable to people we trusted, who guided us based on their experience and based on the Word of God. We appreciate these people for investing time on us and speaking life to us.

One thing I learned was not to make decisions based on pure emotions. I asked Jek for a 5-day break to regroup myself and so I could think things through. He asked me if I would have an answer for him by the end of the break but I said no. I wasn’t sure and until I am fully confident that it was the right time and thing to do, then I would still take my time. However, before the end of it, I had a revelation and my heart changed. I talked to my accountability partners and my parents of my plan to say yes to being Jek’s girlfriend by the next time we meet. To my surprise, I only felt the support and agreement of these people. The next time we met I told him my answer with a huge smile on my face. He was really surprised, asked me if it was real for many times, and then he led us in a prayer. As of January 24, we were a couple.

The days, weeks and months that followed were not without trouble. As we were getting to know one another on a deeper level, our characters were revealed and our relationship was tested. Sure, most of the time we were happy and in the clouds, but we were also brought into situations that were out of our control. It became too real that what we can only have full control of are our reactions and decisions. So we decided to stick together, to be in the present, and to trust that God will bring to completion what He has started between us. Our faith was built up that despite the challenges, God is and will always be faithful.

Fast forward to July, we went to Singapore to celebrate our birthdays with our friends. Little did I know he was already plotting a surprise. On our second day there, we went to Marina Bay Sands Sky Park as aligned with our trip itinerary. It didn’t surprise me when suddenly Jek wanted to do a dubsmash like he always does when we’re driving to somewhere. I didn’t notice that he was so nervous that he needed to re-do the dubsmash for around 5 times. After the chorus he started saying how God has been so good to us and up to that moment I was unaware and was even agreeing to what he was saying. Shortly right after that he popped the question of “Will you marry me?” and after moments of disbelief I said yes. We got engaged last July 17; we barely noticed our birthdays pass by.

Now we’re in the season of preparing not only for our wedding but more importantly for our marriage. We’ve agreed to set the date before Christmas this year to which some people have been surprised. But as for me, this is an answer to my prayers; our lives interwoven is a gift I don’t deserve. I have complete peace and joy in this love story written and arranged by God for His honor and glory.



I liked her, I noticed her last September in a Leadership class in church and then I stared hanging out with her October. I told her  my intentions of pursuing her and someday marrying her that was December and then she said yes as girlfriend-boyfriend by January. By that time, I’m planning my July proposal. Fast forward by God’s grace she said YES and now we are planning our wedding in December.

It may sound fast but for me it’s just perfect timing. We have different stories to tell prior this relationship, but I strongly believe that when God writes your love story He is going to prepare you for the best and the perfect match (walang lugi or dehado) but just fit and right for  each other.


This is not your love story because you cannot copy or peg your love story from what happened to us. Allow God to write your own, and watch how  God will move and how He  will blow your mind away with your relationship. 🙂


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