Lordship? BIG WORD!


Salvation, Lordship, Repentance, Forgiveness, Bible, Prayer.. etc..

Those are the big words I faced when I started attending church! All Greek to me! I remember Joe Neil My first ever Victory group leader who is uber -kulit to meet up with me and discuss one2one to me in our cafeteria, Jollibee, hallway, stairs etc etc..Sobrang kulit, parang yung friend mo sa FB na laging nag sesend ng Game Request!

He discussed to me Salvation, and how I need a Savior because left to my own selfish self, I am dead to sin. Hmmmm.. hmmmkay, sounds good, feels good. I agree that I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I should be honest the first meeting is kewl (cool) , second meeting. Lordship! wait, what?!!?! I am not done digesting the first one and here we go again with another mind blowing idea.


Lordship a new Master!?!?


You know I’ll be honest, I need to disagree many times with the things that He is saying, it’s not because that is not true. But it’s hard to do! Just the idea of letting Jesus who I recently met control my life is nerve racking!

I don’t want to be told what to do, because I used to do it my way. Or Diskarte sa life is on me. I don’t need someone to Lord over me. I can feed myself, if I need money I will make one, by hook or by crook. I can do it. I am just not sure if it is the best and the right way. But I can do it, by the help of me and me alone.


The idea of a new master is like slavery for me. The second meeting went well. Well, I think as for my VG leader. I went home thinking about the things he mentioned. “If He is not Lord of All, He is not Lord of all”, New Master”, “All or Nothing”.


It echoes in my head after that long discussion… it echoes and hunts me like Fred Patuto’s voice when there is no reverb or vocal effects.

And then it hit me!


There’s this one line written in the one2one booklet that say “We do not have an option of receiving Him as Savior and not Lord” ….


Oh wow!! Eye Popping!


If He claims that all authority in heaven is given to Him and He knows your past , present and future… then it’s worth giving my life to and worth throwing my life under His Lordship.


That day, I quit smoking, shop lifting, answering my parents (sumagot sa magulang), say curse words, threw all the items that were shoplifted. Made amends and a lot more. It’s not easy but it’s all worth it, when you are doing it for Him who holds your life.


Little by little I’m allowing Jesus to enter my life. First my kitchen, my living room, and then garage, it took a while in my part to allow Him to enter my room, and then my dirty closet.


It did not end there. Until now, there are things I am submitting to Him, (the more I know Him , the more I submit to Him) coz I know for a fact that Lordship is  not a one-time big time submission. But it is a continuous walk and it demands obedience, He will reveal everything that you need to let go or things that you don’t need in your life.

Even the “Girlfriend that you need to let go that you think she’s the one but she is not the one, because she is dragging you to sin and all the bad stuff so break up anyways because God says so, and ang pogi ko eh noh”.

It’s not easy but after that, God made a way to let me serve Him and work in the Ministry and the rest is, as they say Mystery. (you know what it is).


So there, Lordship, Big word! But when you really realize who is the real Lord and what He can do to you especially when you obey, there is no big word that you cannot understand. Just a big God that you know you’re in good hands! (hmm, rhyming pa, dito ako natagalan eh).



Why do you call me Lord Lord? if my name is Lordwin. Obviously He is not our Lord. He is Lordwin one of our Campus Missionaries in Cebu. Don’t get it twisted 🙂




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