Lily of The Valleys

Lilies of the valley

Children are heritage from the Lord.


We are all delighted when we found out about our preganancy last April. I announced it last April as an April Fool’s Announcement (nagkataon lang).

It was really a shocker to me when we found out that we are pregnant. Stunned and surprised actually! Obviously, it came earlier than we expected. But hey we it’s a blessing and we should embrace it fully, so first we announced it to our parents and the Ninongs and Ninangs. They are all thrilled to know about the news.


Fast forward to July, we’re 20 weeks and we all know what does this mean!

Gender reveal time! At first, I really want our frist born to be a boy. Trina said girl or boy she’s OK with it. So here’s our journey and preps for our Baby.

Trina’s awesome Ate, planned a gender reveal party for us since she is the only one who knows about the gender even Trina and I dont know about it.

Let the pictures speak for the event ๐Ÿ™‚

FYI we had 3 Gender Reveal event. Family, Friends and then Iloilo Family ๐Ÿ™‚















Lily Agatha? We named her that mainly for two reasons. Hold tight to your seats for theย first reason, JKL– means Jek, Katrina and then Lily! BAAAAM, ang babaw :))). No seriously, the name is really from God, Trina was looking for a name on line and Lily struck her butย she didnt tell me about it until following day God revealed it to me during Sunday Service. I just blurted out while listening to our Pastor, “Babe, LILY!!!”. So that’s the story behind it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Agatha means kind ๐Ÿ™‚

So right before the gender reveal we had a glimpse that it’s going to be a girl. (Though I’m still kinda hoping its a boy hehe).

Lily of #theValleys:

I. But the Saviour calls Himself in the text THE LILY OF THE VALLEYS, and we have now to consider what this second title is intended to teach us. Supposing that “the Lily of the Valleys” is the flower which we know by that name โ€” you all remember how graceful it is, with pretty little white bells ranged in a row on a tapering stalk, and how it appears to hide itself modestly under the shade of its broad green leaves. Now, why is it thus chosen? Partly because the lily is of a beautiful white colour, and represents purity. And you know how pure the Lord Jesus Christ was. Never at any time did He think, or say, or do anything that was wrong. As a child, as a boy, as a man, He was absolutely free from fault. But the lily of the valley โ€” because it has a drooping head, and retires behind the shade of its broad green leaves, instead of thrusting itself forward โ€” may be taken as an emblem of lowliness or humility, and so will serve to remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ


Lilies of the valley



We are all excited especially the Lolas to meet Lily. Everyday we declare promised of God to her and talk to her and pray for her.Pray for us as well as we venture into our new season ๐Ÿ™‚



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