#JanTri16 : Thanks Giving

Hi guys! As many of you know I haven’t been Β really updating my blog since I don’t know when, but I have a very good and valid reason, last Sunday was the BIG day. Yup! Trina and I got married!!! πŸ™‚


And we just want to thank the people who helped and celebrated with us. Consider this as an appreciation blog :)….


It’s been roughly 3 days since we got married and Jek and I would like to thank and honor the following:

To Jesus, our Lord and Savior, in whom #JanTri16 was made possible. Grace, favor and provision were overflowing from start til end. Whatever we asked in His name was given to us (John 14:13) even immeasurably more than what we asked for (Ephesians 3:20).

Our parents, Manny and Mary Lynn and Corazon and Boy, for their 100% support and love for us.

Ate Maris, my MOH, who made sure she was home for the wedding and stretched her patience with me all throughout the preps and even until today.

Jared, Jek’s best man, for always being there for Jek for whatever and whenever. Yodabes!

Our Ninongs and Ninangs for sharing their wisdom and agreeing to walk with us in our journey as a couple.

Our entourage (Rica, Sarah, Gen, Sussy, Kris, Kazandra, Eunice, Sha, Hazel, Hannah, Vanna, Katie, Jordan, Mark, Hideki, Paulo, Mark, Jaco, Jojit, Charl, Josh, Chauncey, Seth, Caio) for helping out in the preps, and for being gwapas and gwapos, dancing and helping out on our wedding day. Also, for waking up extremely early!

Our suppliers for being excellent in what they do, exceeding our expectations and giving us a memorable wedding.

⁃ Velada Estate for our venue, especially to Marie who patiently helped us and answered all of our concerns.

⁃ Buffet Runners for the food and styling, especially to Kriska. My wedding mood board came alive thanks to your creativity!

⁃ Veejay Jimenez for our lovely photos and awesome SDE. So excited to see the rest of our photos! Thanks for making me feel comfortable in front of the camera!

⁃ Your Entourage led by Audz and including Dan, Aaron, Roxy, etc. You made our life easier!

⁃ May Francisco and Nancy Soriano for making me beautiful on our wedding. Jek loved it!

⁃ White Label Bridal, especially Gaile, for my gown. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted! Jek loved it too!

⁃ Baro at Saya, especially Kuya Jo, for Jek’s suit and our parent’s attire.

⁃ Nez Artistry, especially Jeanne, for making my girls beautiful! They all look so lovely!

⁃ Cruella & Co, especially Camille, for the lovely skirts of my girls.

⁃ Inigo and Pocholo, especially Justine, for the cutie bow ties.

⁃ Red-Beri, especially Jess and Lea, for our flowers. Loved my bouquet and the wedding arch!

⁃ Flipbook Project, especially Len. So easy to work with you!


Our friends who went the extra mile and shared their talents during our wedding:

⁃ Fred, TA, Beejay, Krish, Moira, Micaela, Jordan, Milan for the lovely music. Still LSSing!

⁃ Tita Maru for our lovely and super yummy and pinterest-worthy wedding cake.

⁃ Donita for hosting the reception. We had so much fun!


For all the guests who celebrated with us, thank you!
For those who weren’t able to make it but celebrated with us in spirit and via FB live, thank you!
For all the givers of gifts, thank you for blessing us!


(For anyone we may have missed, sorry and we appreciate you!)


In everything we give thanks to our good Father who deserves all honor and glory and praise!




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Watch out for more photos and videos. You can click here to check some of our photos or you can search our hashtag #JanTri16

Same Day Edit video is here.

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