Ignite 2013- A quick glance


It’s this once in every other year experience, where students all over the Philippines (and Asian Countries) gather together for a 3-day Conference to be Ignited! From 2011’s conference population of 7000 students, it blew up into 9600 students, and unfortunately there are still we cannot accommodate due to the maximum capacity of the venue (Cuneta Astrodome).

I cannot help but really be amazed, how excellent this conference was, from the Praise and worship, Performance of our local artist and the people behind the scenes (logistics, security, ushers etc.). The energy of young people never ends, since day 1 , as we start with videos and gimiks, the unending claps, shouts, stomps etc. filled the whole coliseum. And the moment we are all waiting for , Yes! Praise and Worship! As I look around and see these young kids passionately worshiping God, I told myself “Wow, Lord, Leaders of this nation will be coming from this bunch of young people raising their hands” , it just made me realize that , someday one of these young people will disciple my kids (or your kid, Thank you Lord).

Exactly one month since the conference i would like to share my own collection of pictures ( some i grabbed from friends, friend of friends)


Day 1, I was seated in A3 section, my mind cannot keep up on how excellent this conference is, i was telling myself , i will be hosting tomorrow , i don’t like to mess things up. I remember texting Carla, “back out na tayo, nakakahiya sobrang excellent eh” i was joking when i sent the text, but really i was nervous, really. Anyways, let me here are the pictures that I tooko during the 3-day life changing event. (forgive the quality)




Pastor Olajide– Preaching during Session 1 , He talked about the Life of Joshua , Holiness being set apart.




“Reslove or Disolve” by Ptr Edrei and Nate sharing his story on how to make a stand in his campus.



Pastor Steve– The Race, The Task and the Gospel, Solid!



Pastor Dan Monterde, His life is the preaching, was so encouraged by his preaching about Paul to Ananaias, not on giving up on someone. “To eternity and beyond”



Backstage before our Pastor preach, covering them in prayers.


20130530_194402Do not cross the line!!! Pastor CJ made a powerful impact to me and the people who were listening while he preached. This guy is so passionate!!!





The crowd is ready for the next session. or waiting for the Halftime Show?


184427_10151520729654442_941396989_n  945803_10151726207789924_531476360_n270034_10151522534514442_934188604_n


I had the privileged of hosting again the Halftime show with Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio,


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Local Artist performed during the first halftime show , Rachel Ann Go, Quest, Yeng Constantino and Christian Bautista, in this order.





Campus Kinect Wars Finalist — UMAK won!



The crowd gone crazy when BPU (boy pick up) showed up! Here’s a picture of me and BPU backstage! 😀 Fanboy!


20130530_161957 20130530_161933 20130530_161907

Before we go up stage, prayers and sharing of testimonies.


469106_10151675888671271_1673343702_oVery big thanks to Jeksters who went there to support me! Thank you!! 😀


20130531_211530                                                QUEST and QUESTION?



Dont Stand Alone! So happy to stand with these might men of God.










Dont Stand Alone– with one of my avid fan, Sheena Halili








20130530_180747 20130530_181502 20130530_181658 20130530_181653 20130530_181655 20130530_181656 20130530_180629 20130530_180746 20130530_181301 20130530_181258


Good job to our awesome Dancers!!














































Celebration time! Left to right (BILOG, The crowd during celebration, the pretty Acoustic guitar player Pauline)



20130531_210952 20130531_205545 The behind the scene people. DA BEST KAYO!! And of course our IGNITE BABY!








I’m so honored to be part of this life changing Conference , I pray that for those who attended this event (and those who listened through podcast) that we will keep the fire burning and we will not wait for another 2 years just to have this kind of event to be ignited and passionate to share our faith to the people around us. We have each other and most importantly we have God that will guide and lead us and will supply wisdom to us whenever we need it. Surely everyone was encouraged and blessed to experience this successful, but what made this really  a success is because God met us there, God personally touched our hearts and spoke to us!!  Jesus’ name was glorified.


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