I KENAT Afford


There’s a running joke between me any my friends when I was still single especially if its pay day. Wow “andameng pera” you can almost buy anything you like or you don’t know where to put all your Moola.


And if it’s also dress down Friday we also sport our new rubber shoes, new car , newly washed car, new jeans, new shirt etc. Not to brag or something but to use all the nice stuff we have and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

And I think there’s nothing wrong with that, buy if you can afford it and if its on your budget. If you cant, think again and again and arrest your self from getting close to it.

When I was still a single guy I tend to shop til you drop. If I can afford something I will buy it without a doubt. Mag kukunwari pa ako na may self control but no I will buy it as long as I can. Now that Im a married man there are, hmm, let’s not call it restrictions but there are things that you need to think twice and thrice before you do it. Think again if you can afford it.

Just like when we were in our Honeymoon, we were in SFO and a lot of good finds there that we can bring home as pasalubong but good thing I have my wife with me and I’m thinking I need to be an example not to be swayed by these red tags.

Still in our Honeymoon, I remember exploring the beautiful SFO riding a bike. We started biking around 2PM and ended at around 7:30PM touring around the city. No. its not the bike rental that I can’t afford! It’s affordable actually.

But the thing that I don’t have the luxury of buying is when we crossed the bridge and got lost into the woods somewhere near the bay and we don’t know where to go. Its pitch black, there are cars passing by every after 20 mins, there are no pavemens so it’s dirt road. The road is Hilly , we are in a foreign land, we have no US number yet (since we just arrived couple of days). We used our phone to be our flashlights, hence my iphone has a crack. It fell trying to hold it up as my headlight.

This is before the “adventure happened”


OK, I’m with my beautiful wife , who I feel is a bit panicking and thinking how to get help from our relatives and friends in the US. I can sense the fear is starting to creep in, but, but, but. NO! I don’t think it’s something that I don’t have time for, It’s something that I cant afford that this very moment. When fear is about to climb up my ahead. I arrested it and said “wait a minute , Im already a leader, I don’t have currency for that, I cant to afford to be afraid now especially I have my wife with me. (Lagot ako sa byenan ko if something happen to her hehe)


I strongly believe that faced with that kind of situation our tendency is to be afraid, and I think its normal. But what you do with that fear will separate a leader.

Leadership welcomes you to a whole new world of responsibility that will keep you from things you cant afford. Cant afford to be afraid, to doubt, to lose hope and a lot other things.


“I’m sorry honey I cant give you doubt, buy I can point you to hope, life, faith and all the good stuff”





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