Heart. Stopping. Question.




Over a decade ago, I started leading my own Bible study group. College days, when our prayer requests were “Lord, midterms is coming please not 5 but 1.5” or “I pray for divine intervention that our prof will forget about the quiz.” Lels.

I enjoyed leading our group — some came and joined and a lot went and some stayed. Some were easy to deal with and a lot were loaded with difficulties coupled with difficult questions. Heart stopping questions.

“Will my parents be together again?!”
“Will I graduate on time?”
“I have no money for graduation photo shoot, will God provide?”

We are facing a seemingly impossible situations that we thought that even a miracle can’t solve.
But we trusted God and did what Ezekiel did.
10 years after, I’m still leading a Bible study and doing my best to lead people to Jesus.
Difficult people are more difficult and questions are, well, you know it… harder.
“Will God provide for our marriage?”
“Am I going to be healed of ….?”
“Should I quit our marriage?!?!”
Still, heart stopping, head pounding questions.

We again believed and did what Ezekiel dis.

“Can these bones live?”

I think this question raised the bar so high that even those questions on top has no match.

Ezekiel prophesied and spoke to the dried bones. And voila! Those dry bones came to life and walked!!
At this present day, we can practice what Ezekiel did. You can speak life to your situation and declare that Jesus is in control, even those seemingly hopeless situations and when you’re faced with that HEART STOPPING question.

Hold your head up high and answer..
That cancer will be cured. God will provide. God is going to fix your marriage. You’re going to have a baby. Your relationships will be restored. Your family is going to worship Him.
And YES those bones shall live!


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