Week 3, Discipleship. I am so ever thankful to the person who principled me, who taught and empowered me to lead other people to follow Christ too. At first I was so scared and not sure what to do, my V group leader guided me step by step. And i clung to the words of God, that He I don’t need to worry, because he will supply everything that I need including the words and wisdom that I need the moment I need it.


Discipleship is not just relationship, but intentional relationship. Talagang kahit anung mangyare hinde mo mashe-shake off ang pagiging friends nyo, parang DFF, yes! DFF, Discipleship friends forever kayo. i-hash tag na yan :))


I would like you to watch this video, And see what DFF really means.




PS. Why don’t you take a moment and message (SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook) someone who has made an impact in your life? Message someone who followed you up, shared God’s love with you and helped you follow Jesus. I’m sure they would appreciate hearing from you. 


A big thanks to the awesome team who made this video, Justine  , Gerald Sy and Gershon very good kayo! 🙂



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