April 6, 2014, SRP, Cebu City- We painted the City with a lot of colors!! This is the first ever Color Manila Regional Leg. We are so happy we did it in the Queen City , CEBU! As expected Cebu runners gave us a warm welcome , actually overwhelming welcome. We are only expecting 1500 runners but we had 2500 runners ran with this event. (Some hinde pa naka register, no worries may next yan for sure!).

Color Manila Run is a running event first held in manila last January 2013, and has a night run I called his twin named “Color Manila nite” which held a month after the color manila run (FEB), we have been doing this since last couple of years and finally decided to bring it to the parts of the country. Yes, “WE” because once again, I hosted  the Color Manila Run, they call me the “Resident Host” for I’ve been hosting all of the color manila events.  As always had so much fun (na parang naglalaro na lang kame hehe) . Let me share to you some of my personal pictures (and video).


Sun is up, it’s only 5:30!


20140406_061347 20140406_061408 20140406_062811



While waiting for the runners to finish their run
might as well put my own colors while waiting for the runners












Hosted the event with Justine


Getting ready for the Color Festival, with Jay, Sheena, Justine and Lian
Some Finishers waiting for the Color Festival

If you wnt to know how it feels like to join the Color Festival click the link below:


It is Finished. Thank you Jesus
Congratulations to the man and woman behind this epic race, Jay and Justine!

If you missed this event, don’t worry you can still join the party and fun. Because on May 17, 2014 , The “twin” of this event which is the “Color Manila Nite” will be held as will in Cebu!!! same place but his time at night!! for more information visit their website.

Check out the Color Manila Cebu pictures here


You can also visit TenMinutePh for awesome photo. Like my cover photo for this post. 🙂

more pictures here

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