Changes Everything

Grace taught me to be humble and to think of myself less. Grace really is a game changer. Something we don’t deserve but given to us as a gift so not anyone can boast. Grace taught me to appreciate all the tini tiny things that make this already awesome world awesome.

Grace taught me not to be proud, because there’s nothing you can be proud of, not even a single achievement. All of that doesn’t mean anything apart from His grace.

Grace taught me to reveal all my horrible mistakes and sins and not feel good about it. But at the same breath it taught me how to accept the fact that I’m no longer connected with those sins anymore, believe it or not.

Grace taught me not to belittle myself and other people.
Grace taught me that healing and restoration is possible. Grace though faith made it all possible.

Grace taught me that you are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.
Grace helped me realize that we are all equal in God’s eyes. All lovely, no favorites, all beautiful in His eyes.

Grace never runs out. Grace is always there waiting for you the next morning. Grace is always there willing to be received.

Grace taught me how to love and receive love.


Truly it changes every perspective, situation, person.


Grace abounds. img_1010

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