Remember when we’re little kids , when we used to watch cartoons that is not yet Tagalized. I remember tons of cartoons, that half of them i dont understand, im just amazed and enterntained with the graphics thats somehow helped me understand what’s happening in the story. Popeye, woody wood pecker, voltron, flying house and my fave Superbook!


I don tknow , if its Gizmo , the two kids or the graphics, but im sure i grew up watching it and enjoyed every story. But this time not just in TV , because i had a chance to see hij in person! I was invited by my friend to host one of their mall shows and cinema showing.


Here are some pictures:




This is Icko and I hosting in Robinson’s Lipa.




Yes that;s Gizmo in person,  I was starstrucked 😀



Over 100 kids attended the SuperBook Bida ng Pagbabago Road Show!




This photo was taken inside Nova Mall’s Cinema when we had our Road show. with my Co-host Sonjia.



This is the reason why we do this, for the kids to really come to know Jesus, as young as they are they will realize how good God is. 🙂




I wish I can show you more pictures, but this is all I got from the Road Show!


Watch out for more Super Book Bida ng Pagbabago Road show!

You can watch Superbook in GMA 7 every weekends 7:30AM! And goodnews they are now Tagalized!


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